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    Ducted Air Conditioning Services in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Raymond Terrace 

    Are you looking for an air conditioning system to cool your entire home or office space in Newcastle? Perhaps you want something subtle that can sit in your ceiling space or under your flooring? If so, our ducted air conditioning systems may be perfect for you.

    Ducted air conditioning 

    Ducted air conditioning is designed to distribute warm or cool air evenly throughout your home or office. An outdoor unit (condenser) is installed with insulated copper refrigerant pipes that cools or heats up the air as it is drawn into the indoor ducting unit (fan coil). The ducting system is installed throughout your ceiling space or underneath your flooring to direct air to various vents throughout your property. The air then passes through the vents to provide even, constant cooling or heating.

    Efficiency is key

    At Coolrite Air Conditioning, we’re passionate about saving our customers’ money. That’s why we offer to install our ducted air conditioning systems with two or more zones. This allows you to switch off areas that aren’t in use and turn on the areas that are. For example, you may want to cool your living area during the day and then switch to cooling the bedrooms at night. This gives you ultimate flexibility, allowing you to design and control your ducted air conditioning system as you see fit.

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