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    Frequently asked questions

    At Coolrite Air Conditioning, we are committed to helping our customers make the best possible decision as to the right air conditioning system for them. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below if you would like to know more about any of our products or services. Alternatively, call our friendly team today on 02 4987 1488 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions over the phone.

    An air conditioning specialist is experienced and trained to specifically distinguish what type of system will be most suitable for your home and your personal comfort. If you buy your system from a department store, for example, staff may not be trained, and you may not get the right advice for your personal requirements.

    The type and size of the unit required can vary depending on many factors, such as the position of the home, outside environment, usage, and the size of the area needed to be conditioned. The best way to ensure you get the right system for your home or office is to talk to an air conditioning specialist. We can provide obligation-free quotes for all new units to make sure you get the right size and type to suit your needs.

    Conventional non-inverter air conditioners operate on a stop/start principle. When you turn on a non-inverter air conditioner, there will be a sudden high consumption of energy. Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit will shut down then restart to maintain the conditions required. An inverter air conditioner, on the other hand, reaches the desired temperature gently and quickly, steadily adjusting its speed to maintain the temperature requirement. This inverter technology cuts out sudden spikes in energy consumption and reduces long term running costs.

    By following these tips you can ensure you remain comfortable all year round while minimising the effect on the environment:

    • Check the star rating energy labels when choosing a system – the more stars, the more energy efficient the system is.
    • Adjust the louvres to suit the temperature required, i.e. position the louvres upwards when cooling and downwards when heating to disperse air more effectively.
    • During hot weather make sure you turn your air conditioner on early, rather than waiting for the house to heat up, to reduce the system needing to work harder.
    • Regular maintenance will keep your system running at full capacity

    All installers and service technicians are employees of Coolrite Air Conditioning, ensuring they are well trained and equipped to do the job safely and professionally.

    We recommend carrying out maintenance on a regular basis to:

    • Check the star rating energy labels when choosing a system – the more stars, the more energy efficient the system is.
    • Keep your manufacturer warranty valid, as in some cases warranty can become void if regular servicing is not carried out
    • Ensure your system runs at full capacity, which can help keep running costs down
    • Help prevent your system from failing when you need it most

    When you are building a new home or office, it is best to part install the air conditioner’s larger components before the internal lining is in place for ease of installation. When your house is near completion, we will then return to complete the air conditioning installation.

    The time it will take for a new air conditioning installation will depend on the unit type and installation. A typical back-to-back installation of a split system will take approximately half a working day. A ducted system generally takes approximately two working days to install.

    To discuss your commercial air conditioning requirements with a member of our experienced team, give us a call today on  02 4987 1488

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